Beautiful Russian Woman – Nataliya from Simferopol, Ukraine

In case you don’t believe in miracles, I will help you to do so. It can be so sweet sometimes to live in the world, to be drawn only with the bright colors, and to simply not notice the dark ones. I have a very sensitive nature and I think it is noticeable in my eyes – which are a true mirror of my soul. I am an accountant by my profession and I really like my job because of the concentration it requires and the stability it provides. But at the same time, my soul demands some different ways to be active, such as dancing, walking and  travelling. Maybe, I am a person of contradictions? I know. But you will never be bored with me!

Mulher Bela Russa

My main interests and hobbles are dances, travelling and reading. I adore going to the cinema and to the theatre – meeting with friends and spending quality time with them. I cal also say that cooking is one of my great passions as well 🙂 I think that every woman should cook well and not only something which she has read about in the book, but to add something new and personal,  to make it very tasty in her own special way! We should make our life brighter, more interesting, and this is what I like doing for myself and for the people I love 🙂 Will you join my company?

I am 27 years young and I wish to meet a true gentleman who is ideally between 26 and 40 years young 🙂 Most of all, in a man, I value wisdom and maturity, the feeling of security and protection, and this is what I would be happy to find in the man who will be next to me for the rest of my life. It is so important for a woman to close her eyes in the night and know that when she opens them in the morning, her day will be filled with a meaning, and this meanng is a loving second half … The physical appearance is not so important, because with the years it changes, but if the soul is kind, pure, loyal and loving, it won`t be changed 🙂

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